Property Rights Australia

Contact Vice Chairman - Ashley McKay


-         Born 1941

-         Married to Doris in 1963

-         Own & Operates a cattle breeding & fattening property at Augathella

-         Foundation President Australian Camp drafters Assn in 1972

-         Joined Cattlemen’s Union at its inception

-         Cattlemen’s Union Councillor for five years

-         Cattlemen’s Union Vic President for three years

-         Chairman of Land & Local Government Committee

-         Member QLD Government State Trees Group

-         Member Ministerial Resource Management Advisory Committee

-         Chair on Local Tree Clearing Group

-         Property Rights Australia member since inception

-         Board Member of Property Rights Australia for four years

-         Worked with many leading Rangeland scientists & conservation people

-         Won landmark case against the QLD Government in 2005

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