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2010 Property Rights Australia Inc AGM/Conference Emerald

The Conference/AGM is just over a month away if you could return your registration form quickly it will give us some idea of numbers for catering purposes.
Dear Member
Please find attached information regarding our upcoming Conference/AGM in Emerald as well as accommodation available in Emerald.  Emerald is a very busy town at the moment so it may pay to book your accommodation early to avoid disappointment. 
The Conference/AGM is just over a month away if you could return your registration form quickly it will give us some idea of numbers for catering purposes.
Information regarding our Conference/AGM is as follows:
Friday 18th June 2010


The Property Rights Australia “Meet & Greet” from 6.30pm at the Pritchard Road Country Resort, 35 Pritchard Road, Emerald (please see map on reverse).  This will feature finger food and drinks.
Saturday 19th June 2010
Registration will commence 8.00am for a 9.00 am start of the Conference.  The venue is the Emerald Town Hall, Cnr. Anakie & Egerton Streets Emerald.
 Guests confirmed include Anthony Watts American moderator of probably the worlds most active and authoritive anti Global Warming science blog “Watts Up With That.” 
Dr. Lee McNicholl our Vice - Chairman will bring us up to date with the situation on the Coal Seam Gas mining on the Western Downs.
Cate Stewart from Mt Morris, Charleville will be one of our guest speakers.  She posted easily the biggest submission to the Senate enquiry, 90 pages classified confidential.
Phil Sheridan will update us on our high court challenge and we will get Bob Carter to join his friend Anthony Watts on the podium.  Jennifer Marohasy an old friend of PRA will attend. 
Janet Thompson who with her husband Matt encouraged West Australians to forward submissions to the Senate Enquiry has led the fight to confront climate change alarmism to their own very great detriment.
They brought their expertise and money with them from America and established a State Of The Art feed lot in Western Australia only to be vindictively targeted and put out of business by the local EPA.
Janet has a story to tell and will be addressing our conference.
If members are a little bemused at our commitment to spreading knowledge on the climate change debate let me pose the following.
As we speak there is a Regulatory Authority in place in Canberra in plush rented offices 400 plus employed bureaucrats with salaries up to $298,000 costing the tax payer $90 million per year.  This was established before the ETS failed in the Senate and has survived the present Austerity Budget. 
With Barnaby Joyce in the lead we the ordinary people like to take some credit for stalling the ETS but it could be in place tomorrow if the government acceded to some of the Greens extreme demands. 
But for one Coalition leadership vote we would now be trapped in a regulatory regime like to world hasn’t seen in modern times.
This fully staffed bureaucracy is in place in the best of “Yes Minister” tradition.
We can only assume ominous intent or another planning fiasco.
At the close of the Conference a PRA Farewell BBQ will be held also at the Emerald Town Hall starting time 5.30 pm.  There will be a cost for the BBQ and we will forward this information on to you as soon as we have an idea on catering.
There is an evening meeting at the Emerald Town Hall.  The presenters are Anthony Watts, Australian Scientist Dr David Archibald and Emerald based environmental scientist Dr, David Stockwell.  This is being promoted by Leon Ashby’s Climate Sceptics Party.  This function with a charge of $20 starts at 7.30 pm. 
Members and friends are welcome to attend many or all of these events. 
Ron Bahnisch, Chairman
Property Rights Australia Inc
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